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I visited chats, knocked doors and had meetings with a couple of influential people who could also guide me to the right path, but in such a big enterprise, everyone seemed to be busy with their department goals. Until a new product manager was hired, so I took the chance and talked with him. To our fortune, he was also in the search for a product goal to make progress towards. We met and together identified a goal that seemed relevant for both of us, on my side, because we just had worked on a website research that proved to be relevant to push this initiative. We agreed on the next steps, but we were missing something fundamental: Make this a priority for the moonshot team, which had to happen “upstairs” if you know what I mean. So we talked with my manager from moonshot, but he wasn’t that interested, he gave us greenlight but nothing more than that… That’s when I knew I needed to pull other levers, and it occurred to me I could talk with go1s CTO, whom we at moonshot had somewhat of a relationship with. I was nervous, I had never spoken with such a role in an enterprise like go1. But I took the shot, and prepared a short pitch deck with the initiative he then approved and supported us with.