Heyy neighbor

Product Designer. First principles thinker, Entrepreneur, Gamer and Polymath in the making. I’m a curious nerd and I use technology to make things easy and fun for people.

In the past, I've been a product leader for startups like Sunlight where I contributed establishing product market fit and to executing design growth opportunities to user’s struggles with HQ Rental Software. I like thinking up new, out of the box ideas, but I usually make sure I come down to earth to make things viable.

When I’m not researching or doodling wireframes, I’m playing videogames, skateboarding, or binge watching a movie to talk about in my Toastmaster’s club.

I’m a product designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina [ 🇦🇷 ]

I specialize in crafting intuitive, easy to use experiences that makes technology easier and joyful for everyone. Outside of work, I play fantasy videogames and try a lot of new hobbies.

[ The Analytical Designer ]

My career started with my desire solve meaningful problems and make people’s lives better being an “analytical creative”.

I went to College to study biology because of my love for science, something I engrain in many aspects of my life from watching bugs in my canson’s pocket microscope, practicing first principles problem solving to leveraging research, data an experimentation to design objectively.

But there's more to me than just the analytical side…

I’m a very curious and passionate human being. I love storytelling as the way in which humans make fundamentally sense of their life and everything around them, the way it connects us and every piece of art that comes from it, Movies being my favorite.

Years later, I found out the perfect intersection for those two to be the uprising Product design career. For I believe experience doesn’t happen in a screen or a software, it happens in the minds of the users, through stories we make them relate and enjoy to solve their problems.

I’m a very curious and passionate human being. I use that energy to think further and innovate in everything I do, from finding and solving the problems with the most significative outcomes to think about think and plan about the bigger picture horizontally.

I want to use design to help people understand and connect better with technology. I believe that the more we understand about ourselves, the better we can use technology to solve our problems.

[ Coolest nerd you’ve met ]

I'm a pretty cool nerd. I’m an extrovert but I recharge my energy as an introvert. When I'm not seeking adventures outside with friends or skateboards, I'm probably seeking them playing Zelda or watching The Lord of the Rings.

I’ve got an instinct to learn new things. I can easily break up things just from observation. This constant mindset makes me a cookie monster of knowledge. When I’m not watching video tutorials and creating learning playlists to share with my friends, I’m reading or writing non-fiction.

Teaching, is equally as important for me… my peers sees me as a transformational leader, I inspire them with a focus on the future, change and the potential I see in every one of them. I also like public speaking, and I combine these in an effort to constantly share my knowledge and make other’s eyes get bright. In my workplace, I like to host talk, brainstorming sessions and hackatons, outside of it I’ve got a movie club and a monthly “study” group where I share money / mindset / growth lessons to my closest friends and family.

At the end of the day, I'm just a guy who loves to laugh and bring joy wherever I go. I like to believe anything is possible before even thinking of how. Sometimes this can be naive, but it also leads to unique ideas at work anthe most memorable stories with people whom I love.